This page outlines the general Terms of Use for the Green Team Success Accelerator program.



  1. The program is created, administered and managed by Positive Energy Works LLC, based in Denver, Colorado USA.
  2. This and other programs for environmental mentorship are advertised at www.GreenTeamAcademy.com, a project of Positive Energy Works LLC.
  3. For any issues, contact Support@PositiveEnergyWorks.com


Program Contents


  1. Program Contents will be added to online members area based on the package purchased. 
  2. Members will be emailed pertinent information to the same email address used to purchase the course.

Trial Period and Refunds

  1. During some promotions, members may qualify for a trial period. Cancel prior to the expiration of the trial period to avoid being charged for the first month.
  2. Cancel or change your subscription yourself using the self-billing portal at http://yes.greenteamacademy.com/billing, use the Helpdesk, or email Support@PositiveEnergyWorks.com. To locate your order, find the Order ID from the initial email received after purchase.
  3. No refunds are available for monthly members.
  4. Annual members may request a money-back refund within 7 days of purchase if not satisfied.


  1. No specific results are guaranteed for members.


  1. All members are expected to participate in a way that is encouraging and respectful. Negative behavior will result in a member being ejected from the Green Team Cafe immediately.  The decision to allow or disallow participation is solely that of Positive Energy Works.
  3. Members may be ejected from the program if disruptive, unruly or negative. If the member purchased an annual package, the remaining full months will be refunded. Decisions to eject members is solely that of Positive Energy Works.


Rights for Materials

  1. Members may use the materials with their immediate team of no more than 20 people.
  2. Members may not sell, reuse, post online or otherwise distribute course materials without specific written prior permission of Positive Energy Works LLC.



  1. Members may see affiliate links for products and services. This means that if a member purchases something from that link, Positive Energy Works would receive a financial benefit. Examples include: FMTV streaming documentary service, Webinar Jam, Kartra. And may include others. Whenever an affiliate link is used, it will be noted as "affiliate link".


Green Team Ambassadors

  1. Members may sign up as affiliates to promote Green Team Academy programs with their networks and earn a commission from any sales from their links. Program available later in 2019.


Updated: February 6, 2019