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Are you ready to convert

that passion into action?




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We Are in a New Era

We are seeing massive shifts happening literally overnight.  


Things we never imagined are happening before our eyes. Wearing masks into the grocery store. "Staying home" as a civic duty. Millions of people in "lock down". 


The things we thought were permanent just disappeared: going to work, going to school, air travel, yoga and Zumba classes,  and March Madness! 


This crumbling of the old has created an opening.


For decades, those of us advocating that we need to move fast and make transformative change had been told that it's impossible. Now, we see that change is possible. Huge change. Fast. 


It's also shining a light on the inequities and flaws of the status quo. But, here's the thing. 


We are never going back to the previous normal. There will be a "new normal". Someone will create it. The question is, "Who?"


For those of us who believe in a more just and verdant world, where we live in harmony with Mother Earth and each other, this is historic chance to step up and create the world we want


If you've been frustrated that you haven't been able to make an impact before, and you're sensing that now is your time, I invite you to join me for a virtual retreat. Together, we'll develop an action plan so you can hit the ground running while we have this unprecedented opportunity. 


Are you in? 


Hi, I'm Joan.

Hello, fellow eco-nut!


I’m Joan Gregerson, Founder of The Green Team Academy…


For many years, I worked on energy engineering to help cities, counties, school districts, and state agencies reduce energy use. I've always been passionate about the planet, but when it came to making changes in my own community, I didn't know what to do.


I wasted decades trying stuff that just didn't work. Even though I cared, I just wasn't able to make must of an impact at first.


Unfortunately, just being dedicated and passionate
just isn't enough.


Flash forward...


After starting and running a successful environmental nonprofit in Longmont, Colorado, I decided to go back to my home hometown and start a neighborhood green team…


Both of these went on to operate successfully since I moved on to other projects.


Right now you’re probably wondering what that has to do with you and the eco-initiatives you may be trying to get off the ground.


Maybe you’re also feeling overwhelmed and like the air has been taken out your sails because you have been trying to establish an initiative and you feel like you are not making a big enough impact.

There is a New Way...

I know story after story of people who went from frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed to surprised and energized when they took specific steps and starting making an impact.

  • Melati and Isabel Wijsen who at age 10 and 12 decided to be significant. They started Bye Bye Plastic Bags, are working with the Governor of Bali to ban plastic bags and help people around the world change policies to reduce plastic pollution.
  • St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Community who started with a discussion group on Pope's Encyclical, Laudato Si. Then formed a team in 2016. They started a community garden, added compost collection to their dining area, got a grant to install a glass recycling station and are researching grants to convert their lawn to a water-conserving landscape.
  • Sustainable Revolution (now Resilient) Longmont: where I started a team that evolved into a non-profit that is still running today. Our little group changed the course of Longmont by planning an Earth Day Festival for over 1,000 attendees in our first year. The team's efforts helped spur the City to hire a sustainability consultant, develop a sustainability plan and hire a sustainability coordinator within two years of our team starting.
  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team: where I started a team in the neighborhood where I grew up and where my mom lived for over 50 years. We started with an Earth Day Festival that brought the community together and got many projects going. Even though I stayed in the neighborhood for only six months after starting the team, the team went on to get recognition as an Outstanding Neighborhood in the Sustainable Neighborhood Denver program. Their efforts include leaf pick-up, workshops on water conservation and bicycle repair and helping get a Sensory Garden in the neighborhood elementary school for children with learning disabilities. 
  • St. Mary Redcliffe Temple School in Bristol, UK: where two teachers started a team to promote environmental stewardship. Their projects include revitalizing a school garden, hosting sessions for the Town Council to discuss their sustainability goals and inviting other schools in, to making changes to school purchasing policies and more. "We went from an eco-club to an eco-community".

In every case, the people starting these had NO PRIOR LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE and had busy lives!



...Anyone Can Make An Impact, once they know how!

Joan Gregerson, Eco-Nut

  • Green Team Academy, Founder
  • Green Team Accelerator Lab, Designer and Facilitator
  • Energy Engineer: Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Solar System Design & Sales
  • Sustainable Revolution Longmont, Founder
  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team, Founder
  • Eco-Cycle, Champion Award Winner
  • People & Pollinators Action Network, Community Organizer
  • Climate Reality Leader
  • Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Author: Climate Action Breakthrough (June 2020)

I got in touch with Joan because I wanted to make a difference but had noooo idea where to start.


She helped me find other people in the area. I joined up with them. And I'm heading a few other projects because of it.


I feel like all people that care need to call Joan. She's so helpful and can make you not feel so overwhelmed with what's going on right now, and that you can actually do something and make a change.


Los Angeles, California

Joan spearheaded the sustainability movement in Longmont by forming Sustainable Revolution Longmont, a non-profit that helped to educate city staff, City Council, and the community at large. Because of Joan and SRL, we now have curbside composting, a working city sustainability plan, and an annual Earth Day festival focused on getting youth involved in sustainability issues.


People are drawn to Joan's thoughtful, loving, compassionate nature, which helped to bring the community and city government together to move Longmont forward on making our city more sustainable and ecologically-friendly.


Longmont, Colorado

Joan has a unique ability to organize communities for action and we commend her for moving Denver forward on a more sustainable path by mobilizing Green Teams.


People and Pollinators is pleased to be a sponsor of the Green Team Accelerator Lab and looks forward to educating residents about the actions they can take to support pollinator health in the city via this opportunity! 


Denver, Colorado

Woot! Woot!

Introducing the...

The Green Team Action Plan is...

An 8-Hour Online Retreat To:

  • Help you develop your first year Action Plan for your team or project.
  • Help you move you from confusion and concern to action and results.
  • Surround you with like-minded individuals from around the world who are also starting their own initiatives.
  • Give you access to proven planning tools and systems to cut through the fog and move fast.
  • Give you access to input on your plan from Joan Gregerson, founder of Green Team Academy, and green team researcher and trainer. 
  • Increase your impact with less time and effort. 


Who is this for?

The Green Team Action Plan Retreat is for you if:

  • You don't want to waste precious time or energy.
  • You already have an idea for starting a project or team in your community. 
  • You are ready to make a huge eco-impact fast.  
  • You are a team player. 
  • You are curious, fun and respectful.
  • You will attend all sessions and complete all assigned planning exercises.
  • You can find one additional person to connect with regularly. 

There are no other prerequisites to participate. You don't need:

  • Prior leadership experience (you'll gain it!)
  • Strong connections throughout your community (you'll make them!)
  • An unlimited amount of time (after the retreat, 2-4 hours per week consistently is enough)
  • An existing cohesive team (you'll build one!)
  • To be part of a nonprofit (you may decide to join or start one later!)


What Types of Teams and Projects?

Develop an Action Plan for an environmental project or team in your community! The size of your initiative can be big or small.


The only requirement is that you are determined to start on it right away and make significant progress within six to 12 months.


Here are some examples of teams or projects that you could jumpstart during the Virtual Retreat:

  • Rehabilitate an abandoned school garden.
  • Start a Green Team in your neighborhood to tackle multiple projects.
  • Expand the efforts of your school's Eco Club. 
  • Start a monthly eco-movie discussion group for your youth group. 
  • Get your faith community to start a team and integrate environmental stewardship in worship services and charitable program. 
  • Work with your school district or city to stop using pesticides and instead to plant for people, pets and pollinators.  
  • Establish a bike-sharing program at your workplace. 
  • Hold renewable energy trainings for your neighbors. 
  • Develop an affordable housing project in your community.
  • Work to get new legislation passed at the city or state level. 
  • Get more EV charging stations in low-income neighborhoods. 
  • Advocate for electric buses for your school district. 
  • ...and the list goes on!



    Completing Your Green Team Action Plan


    You will complete your first year Action Plan, one module at a time. For assignments, you will get:

    • Expert Training
    • Individual Work Time and Editable Templates
    • Small Group Discussion Time
    • Q&A with Joan


    Your Green Team Action Plan includes:

    • Personal Vision Statement and Self-Care Plan
    • Team Vision and Mission Statement
    • Team Assessment
    • Community Assessment
    • Ideal Partner Web
    • Annual Success Schedule
    • Tech Set-Up Checklist
    • Roles & Responsibilities Chart
    • First Year Budget Triad


    Wise Woman

    Not only does she have years of experience and knowledge, her wisdom is deeply connected to her heart.


    Very inspiring, empowering, and nurturing.


    Denver, Colorado

    Joan helped create wonderful experiences for over 450 people, for our Earth Days 2016 and 2017.


    Because of Joan's work, our team went on to be designated as a Denver Sustainable Neighborhood. Joan is gung ho and works hard to ensure success!


    Congress Park Neighbors Green Team,

    Denver, Colorado

    Joan has AMAZING ideas and information I would have never thought of for our high school eco club.


    The idea of tackling climate change can seem very daunting, but now it’s much easier to think about taking this process one step at a time. Thank you Joan!


    Lakewood, Colorado

    "Joan is a major mover and shaker in the sustainability movement, and in helping to save planet earth."

    Dan Benavidez, Longmont, Colorado

    Belonging Revolution

    Former Longmont City Councilman

    Eco-Cycle, Board Member

    If all it did was...

    How much would the Green Team Action Plan be worth to you if all it did was...

    • get you results years or decades quicker,
    • or prevent you from spending time and energy with little or no impact,
    • or surround you with a group of inspired people who are also working to transform their communities,
    • or give you direct access to an expert and a proven system,
    • or provide forms and planners that you can use instantly,
    • or make your grandkids and the younger generations proud of you,
    • or help you become a key turning point for good in the history of your community,
    • or all the above!


    The planet needs YOU to bring it.

    Let's do this!




    June 11, 2020

    6 pm - 7:30 pm MST

    Pre-Retreat Group Call

    June 13 & 14, 2020

    12 pm - 4 pm MST

    Retreat Group Calls

    Individual Calls

    By June 27, 2020

    Private Plan-Review Call

    July 8, 2020

    6 pm - 7:30 pm MST

    Follow-Up Group Call

    STEP 1:

    Review Retreat Format & Pricing



    • Apply and Complete Application Interview
    • Homework: Personal Vision & Hero's Journey Activities
    • Group Zoom Call: Orientation (60 - 90 min)



    • 8-Hour Online Group Retreat with Joan
    • Editable Planning Templates
    • Multiple Rounds to Complete Each Module: expert training, timed writing assignment, small group feedback
    • Complete Your Action Plan 



    • 50-Min Private Plan Review Strategy Call with Joan
    • 50-Min Group Call for Accountability & Celebration
    • 90-Day Access to Coaching Call Recordings


    • Get Premium Access to the 2020 and 2019 Summits instantly after registration 
    • Complete plan and attend all sessions with 30 days to apply for Green Team Action Planner Certificate


    • Regular Price: $579
    • June Special: $349

    STEP 2:

    Complete Application

    Tell me a bit about yourself and your idea for a team or project you're ready to start. Limited space available. 

    STEP 3:

    Application Interview

    After you apply, you'll receive a link to Joan's calendar. Book a time and let's hop on the phone for 20 minutes to chat. Call must be completed prior to retreat start date. 


    STEP 4:


    If the retreat is a good fit for you, you'll be invited to register. Complete payment to secure your spot.  


    STEP 5:

    Attend Retreat. Change the World!

    You're in! Get ready to create the world we want in this unique opportunity in human history!


    High Achiever Bonus!

    Participants that successfully complete all assigned planning documents and meetings within 30 days of the retreat end date may earn the "Green Team Action Planner Certificate". 


    The final decision for the award is based on review by Joan Gregerson to ensure competency in demonstrating  basic Green Team planning skills. 

    I met Joan at a time in my life where I needed some extra encouragement. I participated in two of Joan’s courses, first was a wellness coaching program and the second was an activism coaching program.


    In her activism program, I learned about community organizing, and she helped me plan an awesome Kid’s Yoga event to teach kids about wellness and exercise in a fun & engaging way! And, since then, I am STILL teaching kids yoga classes every week, I LOVE IT! Joan’s programs helped me learn to translate my ideas into action-stepped goals, and she helped me deal with all the obstacles along the way.


    Joan’s love for nature and for people’s quality of life shown throughout both of her programs. She is a gifted communicator, teacher, and coach because she is excellent at listening to her client’s needs, ideas, and goals.


    Joan is a gifted coach and I cannot sing her praises loudly enough! If you are looking for guidance to help you navigate the waters of activism, Joan is your energetic, passionate, and experienced guide!


    If you are considering joining her coaching program, DO IT!!!


    Thanks Joan, for all your hard work.


    Rae AKA Hanna, Loveland, Colorado

    The greatest danger to our future


    is apathy.

    Jane Goodall


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