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Climate Action Challenge Goals


100 Ambassadors Announce Challenge on July 31, 2020


Launch 1,000 Projects


Feature 100 Projects in December 2020


Join the Launch Team!


Do you want to be one of a team of insiders that propel real climate action through an exciting book launch and challenge? 


Apply now to become a Challenge Ambassador!


The Climate Action Challenge book will be released on July 31, 2020. The book presents engaging stories and a proven plan to help anyone launch or expand an environmental team or initiative in their community in just 90 days! 


To launch the book, we'll be hosting an innovative challenge and we need exciting, dedicated people like you to make it a success!

Save the kick-off date:

July 31, 2020!

Release date July 31, 2020


What is a Challenge Ambassador?


Being a Challenge Ambassador means that you'll...

  • Receive a free copy of the ebook in July prior to the official release date.
  • Get insider access to details about the challenge before it launches.
  • Post a video or go live on social media on July 31, 2020 and weekly throughout September 10, 2020. 
  • Tag your friends and invite them to take up and share the Climate Action Challenge!
  • Have opportunities to help people launch meaningful initiatives.
  • Have opportunities to help shape the December Climate Action Challenge Summit. 

Interested? Please apply now using the form above. 


After applying, you'll get access to my calendar to book a time to talk by phone or Zoom. We'll discuss your interests and the launch details to make sure it's a good fit. 


Can't wait to hear from you!


Thank you,


p.s. Do you know of others who would love to be a Challenge Ambassador, too? Share this link or the graphic below. 

Challenge Timeline


Preparation Phase 

Now through July 30, 2020

Overall Goal: Recruit 100+ Challenge Ambassadors

Ambassadors: Start reaching out and talking about the challenge start date of July 31. Encourage friends that want to become a Challenge Ambassador to apply here.


Phase 1: Six-Week Challenge Launch 

July 31 - September 10, 2020

Overall Goal: Recruit 1,000+ Climate Action Challenge Pledges


Ambassadors: Post a video or go live on July 31, 2020 to announce the Challenge. Continue promoting weekly through September 10, 2020.


Phase 2: 90-Day Project Launches

July 31 - November 30, 2020

During this period, Challengers are working to launch their initiatives. 

Overall Goal: Keep Challengers engaged and reporting.

Ambassadors: Feature Challengers on your social media. (optional)


Phase 3: Summit Feature Application Period

November 2020 (Dates TBD)

Overall Goal: Receive applications from 200+ Challengers that want to be featured in the December Climate Action Challenge Summit.

Ambassadors: Help review summit applications. (optional)


Phase 4: Climate Action Challenge Summit

December 2020 (Dates TBD)

Overall Goal: Feature 100+ Challengers in the December Climate Action Challenge Summit via write-ups, videos and live interviews.  Get 1,000 Summit Registrants. 

Ambassadors: Help with interviews and promotion. (optional)


If someone is interested in participating in the challenge,

what will they actually do?


Step 1

Become a Challenger by Submitting a Pledge from

July 31 - September 10

From the challenge website, each Challenger will start by submitting a pledge. The pledge form will include:

  • Name,
  • Email address, 
  • Name and description of the eco-initiative they want to start or expand,
  • A numeric goal they want to achieve within 90 days,
  • The name of the Challenge Ambassador or other person who referred them.
  • Optional: Permission to list pledge on the challenge website.
  • Commit to launch their initiative in 90 days.
  • Commit to challenge a friend to do the same.

There is no registration fee and no purchase required to pledge. 


Challengers will get access to the Green Team Cafe, private Facebook Group. 


Step 2

Buy the Climate Action Challenge book (optional)

Challengers will have the option to purchase Joan's new book for step-by-step guidance and inspirational stories. 


Climate Action Challenge: A Proven Plan for Launching Your Eco-Initiative in 90 Days includes an Action Plan Checklist and the EMPOWER Blueprint to help challengers move strategically and avoid common mistakes. 


The book includes dozens of stories that demonstrate how regular people are taking action in their communities. Stay motivated with examples of how getting together leads to making a difference and feeling better! 


Additional support is available via fee-based coaching and mentoring. 


Step 3

Collaborate and Report Progress

Challengers are encouraged to reach out to fellow challengers to collaborate and support each other. 


Challengers will be prompted regularly throughout the challenge to provide an update on progress made.  

Step 4

Apply to Be Featured in the December Climate Action Challenge Summit

Challengers may apply for their project to be featured in writing, by recorded video or during the live sessions. 


The Climate Action Challenge Summit will be held in early December 2020.