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Live Life to the Fullest...

Dear Fellow Human,

I’m Joan Gregerson, Recovering Engineer, Poet and Eco-Nut…


As a kid, I was all about creating stuff. Stories, pictures, poems, new dances... you name it. 


As the years passed, I became a parent and an engineer, and life seemed too busy for all that.


But over time, I realized that life is marching on and if I don't take time to be creative now, when will I be? 


In the past 10 years, I've been proactively including creativity in my life:

  • took dancing, singing and drumming lessons in Ghana
  • learned to Salsa Dance and Swing Dance
  • taught English in Saudi Arabia and South Korea
  • dove into painting again
  • learned chanting
  • wrote a poem a day for over a year
  • wrote a few books
  • launched a podcast
  • created courses, webinars, and a virtual summit

What I've found is that the more I allow creativity into my life, the better I feel. I have more fun, accomplish more, am able to be of more service and feel like I'm living life to the fullest. 


I don't think I could have done half of this without the profound influence of one book, "The Artist's Way". 


What is "The Artist's Way"?

"The Artist's Way" is a 12-module course in discovering and recovering your creative self. 


This incredible book by Julia Cameron provides a gentle approach to reintroduce yourself to your inner artist child. Through the basic tools of Morning Pages and Artist Dates, we learn how to express ourselves, clear the mental clutter and recharge our creative wells. 


In each chapter, Julia leads us through simple exercises to examine and crush the limiting beliefs we've picked up over time. She lovingly guides us and supports us on the journey to taking creative risks and reclaiming the fun and purpose we were meant to enjoy daily. 


"Creativity Unleashed"

13-Week Online Workshop guided by Joan Gregerson

Summer 2019 Session: June 3 - August 26, 6:30 - 8:30 pm MST


#1: Creativity Unleashed Sessions:

  • Join 2-hour group calls facilitated by Joan Gregerson
  • Join by Zoom videoconference or by telephone
  • Work through the 12 chapters of The Artist's Way book
  • During the call: read aloud, do creativity exercises, plan and share experiences
  • Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your members area in case you miss a call or for review

#2: Creativity Tools

  • Cheat Sheets on free/low-cost artist date ideas and other helpful resources
  • Creativity exercises
  • Creativity affirmations

#3: Creativity Unleashed Club

  • Private Facebook group for 24/7 support and sharing


  • Maximum Enrollment: 20
  • Each participant needs to purchase The Artist's Way


Who this works for:

Never Creatives

Afraid-to-Be Creatives

Stuck Creatives

Fledgling Creatives

Wanna-Be Creatives

Working Creatives

Can't-Even-Imagine-Being Creatives

All Skill Levels

Open-minded and fun-loving



Get ready to transform your life!

  1. Register to save your spot.
  2. Purchase The Artist's Way.
  3. Save Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 pm MST on your calendar.
  4. Plan for 15 minutes per day plus 3-4 hours per week.

If all it did was...

How much would it be worth if investing in all Creativity Unleashed did was:


  • give you a tool to drain the clutter from your mind every single day to start the day fresh, OR
  • get you out every week exploring the wonder of the world, whether with a new recipe, a new restaurant or a museum outing, OR
  • see yourself as a creative being full of unlimited potential, OR
  • allow you to take creative risks such as painting, writing poetry, or acting, OR
  • envelope you in a supportive community of like-minded friends who are on the journey with you, OR
  • provide an opening to reconnect with your true passion and purpose, OR
  • give you weekly exercises to crush limiting beliefs that have been unknowingly holding you back, OR
  • provide you the time and space to gently, lovingly welcome creativity into every area of your life

If the Creativity Unleashed program was able to transform your life, would it be worth the price of a daily cup of coffee ($2.67 daily for 13 weeks)? 


I met Joan at a time in my life where I needed some extra encouragement. I participated in two of Joan’s courses, first was a wellness coaching program and the second was an activism coaching program.


In her activism program, I learned about community organizing, and she helped me plan an awesome Kid’s Yoga event to teach kids about wellness and exercise in a fun & engaging way! And, since then, I am STILL teaching kids yoga classes every week, I LOVE IT! Joan’s programs helped me learn to translate my ideas into action-stepped goals, and she helped me deal with all the obstacles along the way.


Joan’s love for nature and for people’s quality of life shown throughout both of her programs. She is a gifted communicator, teacher, and coach because she is excellent at listening to her client’s needs, ideas, and goals.


Joan is a gifted coach and I cannot sing her praises loudly enough! If you are looking for guidance to help you navigate the waters of activism, Joan is your energetic, passionate, and experienced guide!


If you are considering joining her coaching program, DO IT!!!


Thanks Joan, for all your hard work.


Rae AKA Hanna, Lake Charles, Louisiana


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