You are invited to TEAM Talks...

Premium Small-Group Coaching

with Joan

This handful of regular peeps are...

starting arts-based eco-workshops, doing street theater around climate change, getting pesticides out of parks,

starting an eco-referral directory, starting a green realtor biz,

helping restaurant workers and chefs go plant-based, planting a million trees in Colorado,

start an environmental nonprofit in Delaware,

and starting gardens and planting 10,000 trees in Zambia.


They are kicking booty...

Taking bold actions to convert their dreams into reality.


What will you do?

...Something BIG, I hope!

I had an idea that at first seemed impossible. But then, working on the Action Plan with Joan, I found so many things that I would have never known about.


I got approved as Earth Guardians Zambia and am working to be approved as a planting partner for an international organization.  


It was hard before, but I want to say, it's easy. I am going step-by-step. Now, I know, I can do it, thanks to Joan. 


Copperbelt Province, Zambia

My project idea is to work on climate action awareness through gardening projects with kids.


I did the Action Plan retreat with Joan and it was life-changing. It gave me so much focus and clarity for my project. She also helped connect me to a school gardens group in the U.S. that offered to help me at anytime.


I highly recommend that you work with Joan to make your dream become a reality.


Kichin Gardener, Uganda

Hi, I'm Joan.

I thought being committed and passionate about the environment would be enough. It wasn't. 


I struggled for decades on my own. After failing, time and time again, and learning bit by bit, I finally started seeing results. I found that the secret is to start a team and take specific steps.


I started the Green Team Academy to continue researching high-impact teams around the world and sharing these results. I put it all together with stories and strategies in the book, Climate Action Challenge: A Proven Plan for Launching Your Eco-Initiative in 90 Days.


Along the way, I also became a Wellness Coach. I started using coaching to help people launch their environmental initiatives. Here's what we used:

  • Small, specific goals and check-ins for accountability.
  • Deep dives into trainings and getting real about what was holding us back.
  • Cross-pollinating ideas and sharing connections to gain momentum. 

And, well, WOWZA! Their results surprised them even more than me!


So, I set out to develop a fun coaching option for budding and experienced eco-leaders. I came up with something that can help anyone, at a price that most can afford for at least a month or two. We can turn this thing around and make the younger generations proud.


So, what do you think?


Would you like to be part of this supportive dream team?

...please say YES!


Joan Gregerson, Eco-Nut

  • Green Team Academy, Founder
  • Green Team Accelerator Lab, Designer and Facilitator
  • Earth Week Summit, Organizer and Host
  • Climate Action Challenge, Organizer
  • Climate Action Challenge, Author
  • Energy Engineer: Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Solar System Design & Sales
  • Sustainable Revolution Longmont, Founder
  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team, Founder
  • Eco-Cycle, Champion Award Winner
  • People & Pollinators Action Network, Community Organizer
  • Climate Reality Leader
  • Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Host of Green Team Academy Podcast
  • Host of TEAM Talks, Group Coaching for Green Teams


What is TEAM Talks?




Provide a space for new and experienced eco-leaders to collaborate and motivate each other.

TEAM Talks' mission is to propel the impact and reach of all members, and

demonstrate how to take meaningful climate action quickly and effectively.



  • Propel your impact with accountability, encouragement and expertise!
  • Get to know and collaborate with fellow members from around the world.
  • Get your questions answered to get expert assistance for your situation.
  • Listen to the recordings of any calls you missed or want to review.
  • Continue the conversations in the Green Team Café Facebook Group.

What happens during the TEAM Talks meetings?


The meeting format will vary to keep it fresh!  

  • Meet on Zoom at 6 pm MST on Tuesdays
  • Open question and answer time
  • Trainings on topics requested by members
  • Special guests
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Goal-setting and goal follow-ups

What if you can't make the call time?

  • Not to worry! Just submit your questions ahead of time.
  • Then listen to the call recordings.
  • Follow up with connections in the Green Team Café!

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to start a team to tackle important community or environmental projects.
  • People who enjoy reaching out to people and organizing meetings and group activities, offline and online.
  • People who want to make a difference with a youth group, neighborhood, faith community, school, workplace or anywhere people gather.
  • Enthusiastic people who are respectful, fun-loving and committed to making an eco-impact, fast!

Who is this not for?

  • Those who prefer to work solo and don't want to be a team leader. 
  • Those who don't have a few hours per week to invest to make their passion projects jump to life.

I wanted to help get toxins out of our park, but I wasn't sure where to start. I met Joan at a meeting and then signed up for her coaching program.


Coming from a background in Law, I realized that I needed to take a gentler and different approach. Working with Joan, I was able to find new ways to present my ideas and attract people to work with me.  


The coaching and connections are really helpful, because it's hard to go it alone. If you have the chance, I highly recommend working with Joan.


Denver, Colorado

When I was a young adult, I knew I wanted to make a difference but I didn't know how to do it.


Working with Joan, I was able to hone in on my idea and decided to create a directory and referral service for people (like my younger self) who want to get involved.


Within a few weeks, I developed a plan, started having meetings, and saw my idea taking root. Through connections with Joan, I met with city staff and got further encouragement and connections.


You coming into my life is analogous to finding a life vest in the middle of the ocean, after trying to keep afloat for days. I just can not describe how incredibly thankful I am.


Englewood, Colorado



Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom

plus access to recordings


TEAM Talks isn't for everyone. Take a minute to make sure this is a good fit before you enroll...


TEAM Talks is right for you if

you can answer "yes" to all items in this checklist:

1. You have an idea for a community or environmental initiative that you want to launch or expand.

2. You want to build or grow your team. 

3. You will hold regular meetings for your team, monthly or more frequently.

4. You are respectful and friendly.

5. You have at least three hours weekly to launch your project.

6. You want to be part of a mentoring group that will provide accountability, expertise, and support.


Was that "yes" six times? Alrighty then, let's do this! 


Premium Small Group Coaching



  • Weekly group coaching call 
  • Access to call recordings to listen to at any time
  • Continue the conversations with members in the Green Team Café 


  • Stay for one month or for as long as you'd like!
  • Cancel at any time via the self-billing portal or through support

I met Joan at a time in my life where I needed some extra encouragement. I participated in three of Joan’s courses: wellness coaching, activism and creativity.


In her activism program, I learned about community organizing, and she helped me plan an awesome Kid’s Yoga event to teach kids about wellness and exercise in a fun & engaging way! Joan’s programs helped me learn to translate my ideas into action-stepped goals, and she helped me deal with all the obstacles along the way.


Joan’s love for nature and for people’s quality of life shown throughout both of her programs. She is a gifted communicator, teacher, and coach because she is excellent at listening to her client’s needs, ideas, and goals.


I cannot sing her praises loudly enough! If you are looking for guidance to help you navigate the waters of activism, Joan is your energetic, passionate, and experienced guide!


If you are considering joining her coaching program, DO IT!!!


Thanks Joan, for all your hard work.


Rae AKA Hanna, Loveland, Colorado

The greatest danger to our future


is apathy.

Jane Goodall


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